Twin Oaks Motel, at New Jersey Shore - Map - An hour from the city, just minutes from the beach.

Twin Oaks Motel, at New Jersey Shore
2300 Route 35
(on Manasquan Circle)
Manasquan, NJ 08736

Directions To Our Establishment:

(732) 223-1247


  1. Take NJ Turnpike (I95) south.
  2. Take NJ Turnpike exit 11 to Garden State Parkway south.
  3. Take Garden State Parkway exit 98.
  4. Pay Parkway toll.
  5. Stay to your left on the exit ramp, ignoring the two ramps on the right.
  6. This will put you on Route 34 heading southeast.
  7. Travel 4 traffic lights.
  8. As You approach the 4th light, move into the left hand turn lane .
  9. Make a left hand turn onto Route 35 heading north toward Belmar.
  10. Travel about 1 mile.
  11. Travel over a small bridge.
  12. The Manasquan Circle will be on the other side of the bridge.
  13. Twin Oaks Motel is located on your right, our entrance is on the eastside of the circle.


  1. Take NJ Turnpike (I95) north.
  2. Take NJ Turnpike exit 7A onto I195 heading east to New Jersey shore points.
  3. After you pass over the Garden State Parkway, I195 changes name to Route 138.
  4. Continue on Route 138, which ends with a fork in the road.
  5. Take the right fork ramp onto Route 35 heading south towards Sea Girt.
  6. Travel a few miles until the first traffic circle which is the Manasquan Circle.
  7. Go three quarters of the way around the circle to get on the eastside.
  8. Twin Oaks Motel is on the east side and Circle Factory Outlet Stores are on the west.

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